Sunny CORTONA wurde im Oktober 2021 von Tausenden von Gästen besucht

End of October 2021. Sound of the bells from Basilica di Santa Margarita. Bright yellow foliage falls calmly on an alley in the park. The cats stretch on the rooftop under the Tuscan sun. Golden autumn…in CORTONA

Zusammen mit dem Herbst wurde das sonnige Cortona von Tausenden von Gästen besucht.

The weather was warm, welcoming and very special. People happily walked along the main street (via Nazionale, Ruga Piana) with it’s beautiful art galleries, vintage shops and hospitable bars and restaurants, wanting to visit each one, because they are all very special.

The Market worked, offering to buy chestnuts, cheeses, souvenirs and a lot of other interesting things. In the central square with the Clock Tower there was an unusually pleasant atmosphere, beautiful music played, the soloist sang the best hits of Sting and many other famous artists, the sun was shining brightly.

And people happily sat down at the tables with a cup of hot cappuccino and fragrant brioche. Children dressed up in costumes played “trick or treat” nearby, collecting candy from local shops on Halloween day. Everyone wanted to capture, remember these joyful moments with a camera. People smiled, and Cortona smiled at them. How wonderful it was!

Fully booking was nearby in the entire city and it’s surroundings. Warm Residenzen und Villas with a beautiful autumn gardens were happy to welcome such a huge flow of people. Guests dined in Cortona’s restaurants, tasted pasta with truffles, which smells so pleasantly of forest and mushrooms and sharing with each other a day filled with unforgettable impressions. And after dinner, great idea was organizing soulful family evenings near the fireplace with a glass of delicious Tuscan wine.

Still, it is a very good choice to spend the October weekend in Cortona. It will definitely remain forever in your heart, and you – in the heart of Cortona.

Das Engelssymbol wird 2021 von CHRISTMAS IN CORTONA führen.

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